A Farewell.

Friends, lovelies, lookers, listeners, or otherwise,

Most of you have likely garnered that, from the lack of any updates for well over a year now, Polo Road Swag. is no longer an active media outlet.  We had a wonderful time producing art in its many forms for the accommodating and rapt audience of Tumblr and the internet at large, but all roads come to an end regardless of swag. 

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for your support over our mid 2011-the first day of 2013 run.  We couldn’t have done all this work without your support and suggestions, and none of us would be where we are artistically today without the lessons we learned from being a part of this group.  So thank you.  Thank you all so much.  Keep scouring the internet for more art, keep appreciating it, and keep appreciating one another.  Never forget your friends, and never forget the good times.


Grant Wescoat Livesay, and the rest of the old PRS Team.


For those of you curious, we’ll leave this page up forever, we’ll leave the Bandcamp up forever (though downloading has been disabled), and we’ll leave the Facebook page up.  We might occasionally point out old Polo Road Swag affiliates more recent accomplishments at those locations, just because.  And just because, here is a list of some old affiliates’ current projects…

Dale “Twinn Zeus” Ruffin’s final mixtape

Grant Livesay’s first solo album with vocals

Emily Boozalis’s online art portfolio

Tony Zollo’s online art portfolio

Finally, if you’ve made it this far in the post, then thanks one more time.  In the spirit of directing wonderful people/readers like yourselves to new art, consider donating to this stellar young hip-hop producer’s graduate school campaign.  He is an incredible artist and definitely deserving of your attention.

Dante CK’s bandcamp.

His public funding campaign.

Spread the love.

And.  Last of all.




The First Twinn Wednesday of 2013

affiliate emcee twinn zeus over dela’s “jay electropietricus” instrumental…

… and a grant livesay remix of his recent collaboration effort with modern day peersfor the people" featuring annalise lewis.

welcome to 2013, lovelies.  swag.

(you can also find twinn zeus’s first full length solo album as well as the modern day peers’ first ep, both produced by livesay, for free download at the polo road swag bandcamp here)

Grapes and Blood Oranges

Introducing: Modern Day Peers

without further ado, let us introduce our newest neighbors: the rap trio “modern day peers” and their massive ten track ep “life vs. living” - a work produced exclusively by polo road swag affiliate multi-instrumentalist grant livesay and boasting cover-art via affiliate james matthew diffendal. hint: there might be a bonus track featuring twinn zeus and livesay himself rapping with the trio if you download the whole ep for free here. just sayin’. or listen below. swag.

and, as always, check out our bandcamp page for other beat tapes, albums, eps, instrumentals, and mixtapes galore! swag.

Dear Swagophiles,
Polo Road Swag affiliate James G. Simpson and his girlfriend Isabel Ortiz showed up on theforestfolk, a dank fashion blog for the Wake Forest community. Swag attracts swag. That is all. Swag.

Dear Swagophiles,

Polo Road Swag affiliate James G. Simpson and his girlfriend Isabel Ortiz showed up on theforestfolk, a dank fashion blog for the Wake Forest community. Swag attracts swag. That is all. Swag.

Synaesthetic Experiment 3253

it’s here. click the cover-art to download the full album for free or listen below. swag.

Remember Remember the Fifth of November…

one year ago today (and right at midnight), grant livesay released his instrumental album “late october legal" right here for polo road swag. the album, which was written and recorded in a single day, is composed of twenty-four instrumental tracks branching through all manner of genre and instrumentation, from jazzy pianos and rolling drums to wailing guitars and evocative synthesizers. enjoy the fall season, laugh out loud a few times, vibe out to some eclectic hip-hop, and remember, remember… listen to the full album below or download it for free by clicking on the cover art depicted above.  swag.

Hallow Everyone!

some delicious ear-candy for all of you trick-or-treaters and hip-or-hoppers: grant done gone off and leaked this particularly spooky tune off of the upcoming twinn zeus album “synaesthetic experiment 3253" which will be available for free online on november 13th. swag. 

Twinn Wednesday - Part 6

we’re introducing a new emcee this week on t’wednesday by the name of amen. however, let not his moniker of closure imply some sort of finality within his lyricism; the man specializes in the commencement of debate not unlike polo road swag’s very own twinn zeus.  check out these two spitting over a brand new flying lotus beat above.  swag.

Mondays With Matt

it’s that time of year again and my did it fall quickly upon us. meet autumn. she tends to align herself with a certain seasonal disposition, and, of course, she’s one of matt’s girls. the ticket provides this young woman yet again with an appropriate soundtrack, this time one that evolves from soft synthesizers to symphony orchestral arrangements. we hope you enjoy autumn as much as we here at polo road swag do. swag.

On Throwing a Temper Tantrum…

ever just feel the urge to let loose? get some things off of your chest? throw a tantrum or two? or, in the case of affiliate multi-instrumentalist etc. grant livesay’s latest jazz-fusion-hop jam, five? introducing the modern day peers: an underground rap trio that purportedly has an entire ep on the way being produced by livesay, featuring guest vocal appearances by polo road swag resident emcee twinn zeus and livesay himself. check out tantrum below, and feel free to throw one of your own. swag.

Twinn Wednesday - Part 5

Blue Pineapple Couch

blue pineapple couches. they are rare phenomena indeed amongst the ever-evolving world of furniture. apparently they also provide pretty serious artistic inspiration in addition to their comfortable and visually appealing physique. apparently back in 2009, affiliate visual artist and bassist james matthew diffendal and affiliate multi-instrumentalist grant livesay (collectively often known as “the ticket”) used to perform in an indie-rock band sharing the title of these aforementioned antiquated and succulent sofas. apparently, they recorded several of these instrumentals in 2010. apparently, nothing happened to them in 2011. but, apparently they have been remastered for a special 2012 thowback release. download it here, or listen below. dig the davenport. ogle the ottoman. savor the settee. swag.

Mondays With Matt

ever get lost in the music? meet hailey: music transports her to other realms, to other existences, and to anywhere else she may wish to visit. and, of course, she’s one of matt’s girls. check out the tune production duo the ticket composed for hailey below and, in the words of affiliate visual artist james matthew diffendal himself, “let it take you places.” swag.

Twinn Wednesday - Part 4

zeus is back at it again for his fourth installment of weekly wednesday mixtape-style track releases. this time, he’s spitting over a beat by independent producer qwest. dig it? also, affiliate visual artist/the ticket bassist james matthew diffendal mentioned we should start calling this weekly event “twinn’s day,” as it sounds like twin and wednesday all meshed together. that is neither here nor there, but what is just above this random postulation is a dank new twinn zeus track. so check it, lovelies. swag.